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Is your furnace making odd noises? Did a pipe spring a leak? Is it time to investigate that strange vibration coming from your A/C? Then it’s time to call Quigley Smart Heating & Cooling.

Our experienced technicians have been in the business for years, providing expert service and repairs to heating, air conditioners, hot water heaters, plumbing, and more. We’ll come right to your door, assess diagnose just what’s wrong, and get the problem fixed right away.


We offer regular maintenance packages to help prevent future costs and keep your systems running smoothly:

  • Furnace Package
  • A/C Package

Prior to the start of the summer or winter season, our professional technicians will come out and make sure your furnace or air conditioner is working properly. We’ll clean and inspect equipment, drain all lines, as well as test pressure and coils. Ensuring your systems are ready to go before the season helps to catch minor issues when they’re small, before they turn into big problems at the height of the season.

Our maintenance packages include the cost of service and most parts! Packages also include emergency service!

Call Quigley Smart Heating & Cooling today to learn more about our maintenance packages.